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For questions about a product -

Surfboards: If your question is about getting a surfboard made, please enter as much detail as possible in the box below, including the model, length, any other desired dimensions, the finish you would like, any colours, resin tints, volane patches, pinlines - anything you want, let us know.

Sizing: For size related queries - have you checked our sizing chart here?
- If you have, and still are unsure, please include as much detail as possible to help us help you. Thinks like the item you are questioning, your height, your weight and your chest and waist measurements are helpful when finding the right size for a wetsuit.

Stock: If you are wondering if we have an item in stock - have you checked here?
- If you have and need more help, please include what item you are interested in, and in what size - and also where you live, we have warehouses around the globe so a suit not available in the USA, may be availble in Australia which we can get shipped to you.

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